A Journey of Self Re-Discovery

“Life is a journey”. “Life is about learning”. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. 

I prefer to say:  “Life is a journey of self re-discovery” -  and I mean it literally.  I actually question the concept of learning, as in my view this is simply a process of remembering what we have forgotten.  “There is nothing new under the sun” is the only truth we can go by. Everything that has ever been, is or will be – relative to our present point of now – exists as timeless energy in the quantum field.  

So learning is really the process of pulling out the information (which is energy) from the Quantum Field (or having someone else do it for us and writing a book about it) and processing it with our brain, assimilating in our memory banks and adopting as our knowledge. 

Life unfolds as a field of unlimited potentials where we make choices every moment about little things and big things.  Yet there is nothing new to learn, all we need to do is to recall what we already know at a deeper level.

Our life’s grand purpose is to remember who we are. It’s like a hellish labyrinth: you choose the right path and you get rewarded; but if you forgot which pathway is right and go down the wrong one – bang! You get hit on the head or get an electric shock, metaphorically speaking – like in one of those sadistic computer games, which actually are not that far from the truth...

When our recollection is not that good and we make the wrong decision, we get a clue.  Like those on a treasure map.  You have left yourself several clues – in case you forget your pathway – but they are usually encrypted so first you need to figure out their meaning. Why? That bit is part of your spiritual growth process.

So when someone says: “Through this painful experience I have learnt my lesson not to do this again”- that’s not quite correct. They haven’t learnt anything; they have diverted from their true path and their painful experience was a reminder, a clue which they still need to unravel.

For example, you may have a pattern of abusive relationships, and you say – why me? I don’t deserve it; this is not the life I want to have!

Well, this is a clue you had left for yourself with compassion before this incarnation. But what does it mean??  Perhaps...wait a second....maybe...that you should love yourself more?... BINGO! You have just unraveled the meaning of your clue. If you understand and embrace it, the pattern of abusive relationships in your life will end.