A Matter of Time

TIME. One of the least understood and most mysterious aspects of our reality.  And yet, we usually take it for granted – unless of course we run out of it :-)

Time invites us right into the point where science meets spirituality, teaching us so many lessons at so many levels.

We don't really know what TIME is, yet we cannot live without it. It affects every aspect of our life, it is everywhere, and yet it is only here and NOW. The paradox of TIME is that it does and does not exist at the same time. A typical quantum phenomenon!

TIME is the most precious commodity we have, more precious than money, gold or property – for one main reason: unlike all other commodities,TIMEcan never be replaced. Once it’s gone – it’s gone forever taking with it everything that carries its stamp. You can’t go back to your childhood and start all over again, you can’t bring back to life someone who died 5 years ago – their timeline had ended at that precise time. You can’t undo what you did 10 years ago which you have been regretting ever since - that event is gone with time. Yes, you can heal your past by changing your perception of it and cutting off the negative energy cords. I teach that in my quantum programs.

Is TIME an illusion?  That’s what many ancient spiritual teachings say. There is no TIME everything what is, ever was and will be is here and now. TIMEis a construct, an illusion, created for us as a structure for our experience in this 3D reality. Without TIME, our experience would collapse into an eternal NOW which at this stage of our soul evolution we are unable to navigate. We can’t even imagine what it would be like to be timeless, with everything, our whole life – heck, all our lives - happening in the same instant. Our mind can’t comprehend it and refuses to dwell on this concept as it creates static in its programs designed to operate in a nicely linear fashion of time…of cause and effect…past, present and future…with our whole existence being driven and guided by TIME.

We live in the matrix of TIME. We know time is running out, passing by or standing still. We spend time, waste time, lose time, save time and even try to buy some extra time when we don’t have enough of it.

Most people think of TIME as their enemy, something that works against them.  Well, in a sense that's true, we are not getting any younger :-)  But I invite you to make TIME your friend and learn to flow with it rather than against it. You'll be amazed how quickly this will change your life.

It's only a matter of time.