Karma, Free Will & Destiny

We know at some level – conscious or unconscious - that we have been dealt certain cards to play with in the current lifetime. We are born with particular skills and talents, even gifts that few others have.  We have a unique physical appearance, unique fingerprints and a unique DNA. We are born into a life environment that is perfect for us: our parents and family; the culture, religion and country – which will condition us and indoctrinate into what we believe is the status quo.  Until we wake up, that is, and seek to understand how much power and freedom do we really have?...

To answer this question, we need to examine the three primary drivers of the Wheel of Life:  Karma, Free Will and Destiny.

Most people are familiar with these concepts and accept them as the fact of Life. But there is an ongoing battle of views, opinions and teachings about their relationship with each other and their respective roles.

The notion of Karma can be dis-empowering. After all, we can’t escape it.  A gift of Free Will can be empowering or overwhelming and scary depending on our point of view, as it’s placing the responsibility for our life experiences squarely on us. The seal of Destiny can be paralysing in our endeavour to become more than we think we can be. After all, if all is set in stone, why bother to make any effort or pursue many different ideas and choose a different pathway to create a better life?

The concept of Free Will and Destiny side by side is a paradox, as these terms are mutually exclusive without a qualifier – either we do have Free Will or our life is controlled by Karma and Destiny.

I was grappling with this paradox for many years, until not long ago I received an insight in my meditation resolving the paradox. It was surprising, profound and crystal clear. More importantly, it makes perfect sense and deeply resonates with me, so as far as I’m concerned it must be true.

“DESTINY is a product of FREE WILL exercised by the SOUL in Spirit between incarnations. KARMA is a product of FREE WILL exercised by the HUMAN EGO during incarnations. LIFE is a function of DESTINY, KARMA and FREE WILL”.

Essentially, we have Free Will as a soul to design our life experience in any way we want before we incarnate, when creating a blueprint for it - our Destiny. Once we are born, our Free Will changes to what we do with this blueprint as it unfolds: how we respond or react to it and what choices we make with our emotional human ego.

So yes, you are the architect of your Destiny and yes, you CAN change it!

As part of this process, when we leave the physical body and cross over to the Afterlife, we go through a life review that will help us design our next incarnation. There is substantial evidence validating this step gathered from many thousands of survivors of Near Death Experience (NDE) who independently recalled watching their life review on the other side before coming back to their physical body.

Please note that I am simplifying here the difficult concept of our multidimensionality and everything happening in the NOW all at once. We have a linear brain and so the information presented must be compatible with it. If you run a 100,000 V current through a 120 V socket you will not just blow the fuse but also burn the house!

My insight from the Spirit continued, explaining that Karma is the balancing act of our energy and experiences. It is a mechanism for learning, not punishment. 

Now, the learning we experience is often misconstrued as the soul learning, which is not true. Our soul is perfect and complete; it knows all it needs to know. The learning propelled by our Karma is for our human ego. Why? What’s the point of learning anything on this plane if it doesn’t count in Spirit, you ask?

The lessons we learn do count – for the current incarnation, other incarnations and in Spirit. They help us navigate the twists and turns of the current lifetime and contribute to the information pool of all our incarnations. They also join the Universal Mind (Quantum Field) where all information exists.  

Our experiences are the purpose for which we exist. To understand how, we need to answer The Existential Question of all times – What’s the point? What is the point of our incarnated existence as an individualised consciousness, an integral part of The Creator, All That Is? Why are we here?

I will share with you what I know. Not guess, or read somewhere, or speculate, but KNOW. And of course, please take it as you will.

We are an experiment and a play, if you like, constantly unfolding in countless dimensions and realities across the multiverse. A petrie dish in the School of Gods. We were given free will and the power to co-create our experiences through the interplay of emotions, the ego and the blueprint of our destiny. The ultimate outcome is unknown; and while confined to some extent within the few parameters we can’t change, Free Will is the magical tool we have at our disposal to create a surprising and riveting plot in our Life’s screenplay before the curtain comes down.

Surprising? Yes! The Creator wants to be surprised and entertained (for the lack of better word). If every moment of every life experience of every consciousness and soul was pre-programed and predictable, it wouldn’t be fun! And most certainly, it wouldn’t be an experiment where by definition the outcome is unknown, as we say let’s mix this and that and see what happens.

Therefore, a proposition that our life is 100% predestined simply makes no sense; furthermore, it is in my view, psychologically damaging as it’s disempowering.  After all, if we are just the puppets playing out a screenplay with no say or power to change anything – this leads to a question with potential dire consequences: What’s the point?

What’s the point in trying to make better decisions and choices, or to make an effort to improve our life if we have no free will or power to change anything? If we have no motivation or reason to live, we might just as well curl up and die.

So please take on board what I said before:

You are the architect of your Destiny and you CAN change it!

Yes, it’s true that everything that ever was, is, and will be already exits in the Quantum Field (as information); but the choice of what to select from this pool of possibilities and activate in our life to a large extent is up to us - our free will as a human being in this incarnation.

A documented scientific study which demonstrated that our brain knows the immediate future milliseconds before it is registered by our physical senses is not a proof of the 100% pre-programed destiny, but a proof of precognition.

Precognition is the ability to perceive the most probable future.

Imagine you are standing at a crossroads with 100 different paths extending from this point – your eternal point of NOW. There is actually a countless number of these paths - your futures, but let’s keep them to 100 here for simplicity. These are the probable timelines of your Destiny.  

Each timeline has a different intensity of light. Some are bright, others are dimmed, others still are quite dark. But there is always ONE timeline that stands out, the brightest of them all.  This is your most probable future that will unfold if you stay on the same trajectory and don’t change anything. Something you are sending a lot of energy to; your intention, focus, thought and emotion, and also action.  Or, this is one of the very few timelines I call “non-negotiables” which you cannot change, as they are set in stone in your Destiny.

The brightest timeline in your future is what a psychic can see and tells you about in a reading. If there is something they can’t see clearly as the light is dimmed, they will say that a particular event may or may not happen, or will unfold differently in a way that’s unknown.

You may have heard the term “quantum jump”.  That’s how we change our life experience, “jumping” our consciousness from one timeline to another – which we do all the time, by the way.  Have you heard of the Mandela Effect? It’s a well documented case of a collective quantum jump, where many people around the world clearly remember that Nelson Mandela died in prison, while in this reality he didn’t die and after his release from prison was elected the President of South Africa and lived for several more years. That was not a collective amnesia but a collective quantum jump.

The other two magical tools we are given is Imagination and Intention which we can use to our heart’s content. Thoughts and emotions are the cogwheels, if you like, in our Co-creation Machine and the carriers of the energy of what we choose to create into the Quantum Field.

We are multidimensional beings living countless lives in different dimensions and realities, jumping from one timeline to another in the Divine dance of co-creation with our KARMA, FREE WILL and DESTINY.  

However, our existence on the physical plane is linear, our brain is linear and so is our perception of time and life. We may be aware intellectually and spiritually of those other timelines in our destiny happening all at once, yet we can experience only ONE timeline, only ONE outcome at any given time. That’s a fact.

The most previous gifts we’ve got from the Spirit is Free Will and empowerment - we CAN change our life experience by taking quantum jumps.

 *  *  *

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book where I dive even deeper into this topic.

Copyright ©2003 Anna Anderson

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