Limits and Limitations

What's the difference, you ask, between limits and limitations? Aren't they one and the same thing? Well, no. Not in my view., and not in the spiritual context.

It is important to understand the difference, as assigning to these two concepts the same meaning affects our life in a negative way. Why? Because it allows us to get away with not achieving our full potential.

We use this one meaning as an excuse why we "can't" do something. 
We say: "there are limits to what I can do".  While this may be true within the laws of physics and our biology (to an extent), it is not the case in terms of our potential or the opportunities and options we have to change something in our life. 

As I said in my new meditation - "there are no limits in the Universe - only limitations".  

Another useful phrase supporting this premise is "we don't know what we don't know". Kind of mind twisting, right? :-) but it reflects precisely the limitlessness of The Creation.

The quantum field of all potentials is by its very nature limitless. Meaning - anything is possible to manifest if we know how. In practical terms, our intention, focus and energy (effort) we put into something we want to achieve or have, can manifest the result we want.

In spiritual terms, it reminds us that we are consciousness with no beginning and no end, temporarily focused on the life experience in this particular body we now occupy. 

Limitations are mental constructs of the mind that we impose on ourselves out of fear, out of feeling unworthy, feeling not good enough etc. Or simply out of ignorance.

When you free yourself from the limitations of your mind - why you can't do or achieve something - you will experience the limitless destiny unfolding for you with opportunities, synchronicities and miracles you never knew existed.

Let me give you an example. You probably would have never thought that you can get an alien abduction insurance. After all, there are limitations to what you can insure, right?

Well, for $19.95 you can get just that from the Saint Lawrence Agency in Altamonte Springs, Florida. The unique company has sold more than 6,000 policies to date, all for $10 million worth of coverage, according to the Miami Herald.  However, in order to qualify for a claim, you'll have to make your way back to Earth.  And not just that: You'll also need the signature of an "authorized, on-board alien." (source).

ok, so there are caveats, but still...:-) 

Think big, with no limitations, like a soul in the limitless universe that you are, and miracles will happen in your life.