Out on a Limb

If you are old enough, you might remember the book Out on a Limb by Shirley MacLaine written some 37 years ago and the subsequent movie based on that book.  It was hugely controversial at that time, drawing gasps of thrill, anxiety and disbelief, and soon became a bestseller and a classic New Age reading not to be missed.

Well, things have certainly changed since 1986. Topics such as past lives, the Afterlife, psychic abilities and contact with other dimensions are almost in the mainstream media and social conversations. I say almost, as we are not quite there yet. The rapid emergence of quantum physics on the public arena in the early 2000s has brought us closer to the intersection of science and spirituality, taking down the walls of resistance towards the unknown. 

The second New Age milestone shaking up the foundations of our understanding of Life and the Universe was of course, The Secret published in 2006, which has also made its way to the cinema screen. The universal truth that we create our life with our thoughts and emotions - literally, as energy - known since the beginning of time, has been thrown in our faces unceremoniously. Now we know. There is no escape. No more excuses, no more denials, no more claims of being a victim of the circumstances.

But that's only one paradigm shift brought about by The Secret. The other one, equally profound, is an invitation to go even further out on a limb in our endless quest to find out how Life really works. I have been on this quest since my childhood really, and will be until the day I cross over to The Other Side.

This branch of the Tree of Life, the Universal Truth that not only bridges but fully merges science with spirituality is VERY long.  We are not there yet. The tip of this limb is hidden in the mist, so we don't even know where it will take us, or whether it ends at all…

The new existential paradigm that is rapidly opening up is about the unknown becoming known; about spirituality being supported - not replaced - by science; about the growing evidence of the Afterlife, reincarnation and communication with those who have crossed over; about a new meaning of death - which is just a transition of the soul to another dimension, to another place of existence. Truth is, we never die.

It's about our existence as a soul never ending but continuing on its journey in ways we can't fully imagine or understand.. It's about God - The Creator - being in every quantum of energy of All That Is including us (conclusion?).  It's about learning that everything is energy and that by changing the frequency of our energy with our intention, thoughts, emotions and beliefs, and accessing certain frequencies which facilitate this process we can heal, manifest and change almost anything we want in life.

"O ye, of little faith..." as one of the greatest Masters once said. It is our doubts, limiting beliefs and fears that stop us from walking on water, levitating, bi-location, teleportation, manifesting things out of thin air and many other 'miracles' which some people have undoubtedly (pun intended) mastered.  If they can, so can we.

 A growing number of Lightworkers - people who are born with or have developed the so-called "paranormal" abilities such as seeing the subtle energies of fairies, ghosts, beings from other dimensions and angels; accessing information from the past and future, accessing the Akashic Records, communicating with animals etc are rapidly populating the Earth to support us, as we are walking slowly, trembling with doubts and fear, out, out on a limb....It's ok, they say - trust!

Would you like to talk to your deceased mother? No problem! Would you like to explore your past lives, future lives or visit the Afterlife and meet with your Soul’s Council?  No worries, get ready! Would you like to heal and repair your aura and remove that attached negative entity that's been sucking up your energy for years?... yes, this can be done, too.

This is the New Paradigm supported by science.  No longer mumbo-jumbo but the facts of life. Out on a limb?  Of course. What a view!