The Art of Manifesting

We all want to master the manifestation process, as we bring our desires and plans into being every day with various degrees of success.  At times, you are a super manifester creating what you want within weeks, days or hours with the snap of your fingers. Other times, you are huffing and puffing, and puffing and huffing and nothing eventuates. Know the feeling? :-)

So what is the secret? What is the strategy or technique? What's the magic bullet to manifest what I want?, you ask.

The secret lies in a quantum paradox. The paradox is that we need to be wanting something passionately or, at the very least, decisively and at the same time we need to let go of our attachment to it - the outcome we want to manifest. And this ain't easy! It's like wanting to eat the cake and forget about it (too  much sugar!); or to push and pull something at the same time; or to breathe and not breathe; or to tell you to go to sleep and then asking you every 5 seconds - are you sleeping yet? thus keeping you fully awake.

Still, I can assure you that with practice this can be done and the extremely fine line of the duality of our emotional state can be achieved. In fact, I'm sure that you have done it many times, without even realising it. 

Say, you thought of buying something that you want and (believe that you) need, something specific in either price or qualities. You make a mental note to purchase it when you see in the shops, hopefully on sale, and...forget about it. Let's make it two unrelated items.

Next thing you know you are in your local grocery store later that day and go to the area at the back of the store you've never been to before, for no apparent reason. You come up to the shelf where you can see the exact both items you wanted, on sale, just as you wanted. Each one is the only item in this category left on the shelf, as if it was placed there just for you. This store does not normally carry such items, so they are one-offs. Such items are normally sold in supermarkets or specialty stores. You take them from the shelf and go the checkout with a big inner and outer smile. Coincidence? No such thing. A chain of coincidences? Even more so. You have just manifested almost instantly your desire. It took no effort on your part whatsoever. You decided you wanted it and you then you forgot about it, leaving it to chance. 

As you may have guessed, I'm recounting my own recent manifestation experience. It was so easy, so effortless, so quick and so precise that I was laughing in the car on my way back home and thanked the Universe for my almost instant manifestation :-)  It felt so good (regardless of the mundane and petty nature of the items I wanted), and it showed me that yes - I CAN DO IT!

This sounds fairly easy, you say...well, it can't be too easy, so yes, there is a catch!

The catch is that your mental and emotional detachment from the outcome you want to manifest cannot include doubt.  If it does - BANG! the balloon with the quantum energy of our desire is instantly deflated, the momentum is gone and you are back to square one, now also having to deal with negative emotions like disappointment, anger or depression.

Ouch! yes, it hurts. This process is so simple and yet so difficult to follow.  The difference between detachment and doubt is a very fine line.

And where does doubt come from when you are wanting something so badly?  Impatience? sometimes. But most commonly it is simply your self-sabotage.

This manifestation process is an integral party of my Quantum programs where I teach people not only how to master the fine line of this paradox, but most importantly how to reprogram the unconscious mind to stop the real enemy here - their self-sabotage.