The Cucumber Effect

Ahhh..the Cucumber Effect…..It is one of those deliciously (pun intended) simple yet profound moments that propel us to the next level of our spiritual and quantum understanding of Life.....revealing the next clue in solving the Life’s puzzle; or, rather, making us see it and recognise as such.

This happened several years ago. I was house and dog sitting for my friends who went away for a couple of weeks. They had a lovely garden where they were growing various vegetables, including cucumbers.  Graciously, they invited me to pick and eat any veggies I wanted, pointing out that cucumbers were especially yummy. I carefully checked the cucumber vine –  yet there were no cucumbers there at that time.

Few days later I went to the garden to check if there was anything there I could have in my salad for lunch. I came up to the cucumber vine and – there it was: a large, plump, gorgeously green cucumber, proudly resting on the ground. Normally, I would have just picked it up without a second thought; but instead, I kept staring at it in awe. At first, I felt an overwhelming wave of gratitude giving thanks to Mother Earth for this beautiful, healthy food she has produced for me. And then, as I kept staring at that cucumber, it hit me:

WHERE did it come from?

I mean, not from the biological point of view of how plants grow (we all have learnt this in school), but from the quantum perspective - WHERE did it come from?

Few days earlier, that cucumber didn’t exist in my reality, I checked!  And suddenly – there it was! With all its cells, molecules and atoms; DNA, vitamins and minerals…and then it hit me again like a lightning bolt that I KNEW where it came from.

This is what the quantum physics tells us, and now Mother Earth has showed me in a way I couldn’t miss it or ignore it:  when something is not here and then it suddenly appears (never mind it was three of four days – it was still sudden ) – when something appears out of nothing, it comes into this reality from another dimension. Literally. The DNA instructions may have been in the cucumber vine, but the actual mass, structure and composition of the cucumber was not there!

Where did it come from?

I actually saw in my mind the cucumber slowly pushing through the veil between the dimensions, gathering all the energy on the other side it needed to grow its physical form, here, in this reality.  I was hesitating whether I should eat this profound evidence of the existence of other dimensions, but I was hungry so I did have it for lunch.  And I can tell you, that was the most delicious cucumber I have ever had!

This principle of course, applies to every life incarnated here – plants, animals and humans.  Something out of nothing.  Where do those plant and animal babies come from? From another dimension, of course.

Think about it. Quantum physics tells us that every electron appears and disappears 7.8 times per second; in other words, it oscillates at the rate of 7.8 Hz between this and another dimension, not visible to us. 

Of course, everything is energy. But what we perceive as matter in our 3D reality, has slowed down its vibrations to the physical level as it made its way through the veil.

Thank goodness that electrons in our body don’t do this disappearing and reappearing act all in sync or for longer periods of time, as we would be walking around like ghosts - neither here nor there, suspended between the dimensions.

So there you go. The Cucumber Effect explaining the Nature of Life :-)