Three Wishes

When we are going through a difficult time, we ask ourselves during the long moments of silence and deep self reflection, often dealing with pain: "what if...?" wishing we had at that moment a Gene at our disposal.

In most cases, the "what if?..." refers to our past. We can't change the past; we can only change our relationship to it: how we feel now about making the wrong decisions - which felt wrong at that time; about taking the wrong turns which were just dead ends costing us time and money, maybe even  relationships; about not truly understanding ourselves, not honouring our values, not loving who we really are - not just a reflection in the mirror, which is always distorted, anyway.

How we feel about hurting others and allowing others to hurt us, take advantage of us, disrespect us; about the things we said and later regretted; about not being strong enough, smart enough, brave enough; about going with the flow of a painful karma instead of putting the foot down and changing the path of our destiny. About living a life of victimhood rather than victory.

What if we lived our life differently, up until now. Most likely, we would be in a very different place.

I've never heard of a Gene who could grant someone three wishes that would change their past. Not in this universe, anyway.  But I do know that our intentions for the future can and do collapse the waves of possibility into the particles of matter.

So rather than dwelling on the past we can't change, we can draw the curtain, hide the rear view mirror and focus 100 per cent of our intent, thought and positive emotions on manifesting what we want from this point on. Will everything come into being? We don't know, as there are some hidden factors that come into play. But the stronger, more focused and emotionally charged (with positive emotions only) our intention is, the greater the chance of it manifesting in our life.

So what would be your three wishes for the Gene?....Think carefully - the Universe is listening.