Vanila Slice

Metaphysical concepts are often difficult to grasp and their techniques tricky to follow. Our ego often stands in the way, saying "if I don't understand this, it doesn't exist".

The process of manifestation for example, is described differently in ancient esoteric teachings than by the modern quantum approaches based on science. On top of that, there are several schools of thought on this topic adding to confusion (something I will tackle in the upcoming Quantum Chat mini series on my podcast).

So let’s simplify it and talk vanilla slice.

I often receive profound insights sparked by food (have you read my blog The Cucumber Effect?) and this time was no different.

Luckily for you (and me), I have recently discovered in my local bakery the best vanilla slice I have ever had: it was a generous size of 5 x 3 inches, 3 inches thick (yeap), the filling not too sweet and silky smooth, the flaky pastry simply dissolving in my mouth with a hard divine sugar icing on top. In short – a vanilla slice to die for (and highly addictive, I might add).

As I was eating it for the first time (you may have guessed that it was not the last), I got a profound insight which I’d like to share with you - a simple yet powerful quantum manifestation technique based on both mysticism and science.

Do you have food that makes you close your eyes when you savour it in your mouth?  It would be something you don’t have very often; it’s more like a treat or for special occasions. For many people this would be chocolate or icecream, for example. I’m not talking food you really enjoy to eat, but something which makes you wish it was a magical piece that never runs out.

THAT feeling, which makes you close your eyes with delight, releases in your brain a huge amount of dopamine - a neurotransmitter that makes you feel GOOD. Put simply, it is a pleasure chemical.

You can also create more dopamine in your brain through many other non-food related activities such as exercise, meditation and sex.

Let’s stick to food (my divine vanilla slice…yumm…).

The basic manifestation process says that you need to visualise what you want with strong emotions associated with this thing/situation being already in your life, such as joy, excitement, love and immense pleasure. 

When working with my clients on their manifestation technique, the most common feedback I get is that it is difficult for them to create a strong, elevated feeling that will charge their intention to bring their desire into their life.

Yes, I know, it’s not easy.  So here is my genus manifestation technique based on a dopamine spike you can use:

Get that special food that makes you close your eyes with delight when you put it in your month.  For me – that’s this special vanilla slice (not any vanilla slice, mind you!). Eat it very slowly, with your eyes closed, savouring every molecule in it. After about 20 seconds, once you’ve got your dopamine pumping, visualise with great intensity that thing or situation you want to manifest in your life. LIVE it, with the immense pleasure sensation effortlessly created by dopamine, now permeating every cell in your body.

You can’t charge your intention sent to the quantum field stronger than that. 

Your mind, body and spirit have now associated viscerally THAT desire with the immense pleasure you have just experienced, and so will do anything to support the Quantum field to bring it into your physical reality.

Once that happens, guess what - you will immediately experience the SAME intense pleasure you had while eating (your version of) the vanilla slice.