S2 E9: Witchcraft & Magick: A Quantum Conversation
Quantum LivingSeptember 29, 2021x
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S2 E9: Witchcraft & Magick: A Quantum Conversation

An inspiring, fun and deep quantum-witchy conversation with Mela Borawski you will definitely enjoy!

Some of the topics we cover include: What is witchcraft vs paganism vs wicca;  Are all witches linked to dark energies and do they fly on broomsticks? The karmic and ancestral DNA in witchcraft; ethics in witchcraft work and so much more!

It is a long and delicious smorgasbord conversation at the intersection of science & spirituality you don’t wanna miss!

You will hear some creepy and spooky haunted house clearing stories; learn the magick of the clock-wise and counter-clock-wise energy directions; how to enchant your morning cup of coffee; and several manifestation and protection witchy spells.

Most importantly, you will find out why magick and quantum energy work are one and the same.

Enjoy and please share!

Music: purple-planet.com


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