S4 E30: Finding the Way to Myself
Quantum LivingJuly 13, 2023x
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S4 E30: Finding the Way to Myself

Listen at your own peril! This conversation will either flip your spiritual paradigm (whatever it is) upside down showing you the possibilities and ideas you have never thought might exist, or will unleash an urge to burn me together with my special guest Jean Slatter at the stake in a public display streaming world-wide for everyone to see.

Have we reached the bottom of the rabbit hole..? Is there a bottom at all...? :-)

Since our current life experiences are kind of important to us, we ask you to please simply consider this new paradigm with an open mind and spare our lives!

I won’t reveal much more in the show notes as I'd like you to listen to this episode in its entirety. I will mention just one thing - it will teach you a simple (though bizarre) technique which could be a life saver, so you definitely don't wanna miss it!

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