S5 E14: Finding Your Mojo

S5 E14: Finding Your Mojo

If you enjoyed my previous Astro episodes, you will love this one!

I’m chatting again with my returning guest Dijana Dawe– an Evolutionary Astrologer about how we can find our Mojo in our natal chart.

It’s a lovely, fun and full of great info conversation you don’t wanna miss!

A lot of food for thought.

You will learn:

  • What is Mojo
  • Can our birth chart reveal our Soul Mission for this and other lifetimes
  • About my model of the Soul Archetypes based on the seven chakras
  • What are the key Houses, planets and signatures that reveal our Mojo in the natal chart

And much more!

Enjoy and please share :-)

Music: Purple-Planet Music

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