S6 E12: Protecting Your Biofield

S6 E12: Protecting Your Biofield

In this exclusive solo episode, I talk about an important yet often neglected issue of maintaining and protecting our personal biofield also known as the Aura.

The information I'm sharing has been compiled over many years of my spiritual research and psychic insights (channelling).

On this unique podcast you will learn:

  • what is bioenergy and why we need to protect it

  • the difference between the bioenergy and the physical energy of the body

  • the key quantum principles that govern our existence in this 3D reality

  • a channelled and challenging explanation of how the exchange of information in the Quantum Field actually works (which you have never heard before)

  • the seven (7) types of energy we receive

  • the four steps to protecting your biofield

and more....

Enjoy and please share! :-)

Music: Purple-Planet Music; “Meadow” by Olexy (chosic.com)

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