S6 E8: We Are Avatars

S6 E8: We Are Avatars

In this podcast I will take you on a journey of discovery unveiling the true nature of our existence on this physical plane with three important clues. The first clue is the movie "Avatar". The second clue is our pre-programmed need to sleep every 24 hrs or so, which we can't escape. The third clue is that the physical restoration of the mind and body cannot be done to the same extent simply during rest. We MUST sleep. Why?

In this podcast you will learn:

  • why we are unconscious during sleep
  • where our consciousness / soul goes during the sleep period of "non-existence"
  • the three key functions of sleep: physical, spiritual and creative/psychic

The key massage is that all human beings on this planet have one important thing in common:

We are Avatars travelling in spirit between different worlds and dimensions. Find out why and how…

Music: Purple-Planet Music

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