S6 E9: The Hall of Mirrors

S6 E9: The Hall of Mirrors

Have you ever felt that you are losing your grip on reality, as everything you touch is just a smoke flowing through your fingers? And that everything around you is a reflection of something else?...

In this powerful and very uncommon conversation with my returning guest Cate Montana, you will find the answers revealing the true nature of the illusion we call “reality” – the Hall of Mirrors we live in.

This conversation is multi-layered and multi-dimensional, bouncing off one topic to another in a way reflecting the nature of the Hall of Mirrors, as we explore different angles and different aspects of the ILLUSION, and the blurring lines between what's "real" and what's "fake".

The Hall of Mirrors is both a metaphor and our life experience from which we can’t escape.

In this one-hour, highly charged conversation you will hear:

· What is real and what is not in our life experience

· Are we living in a simulation

· The key paradox of our existence which explains it all (yeap)

· What is the only true beacon we can trust and hold onto

· Why self-empowerment is crucial to our spiritual and physical sovereignty

· Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) a blessing or a Trojan Horse

· A true Hero’s Journey revealed in The Matrix (the movie)

· What the VR headsets, deep fake videos and holodecks have in common

· Who is running the show – the secret agendas pulling the strings

· And much more!

Fasten your seatbelts, folks….

Enjoy and please share! :-)

Music: Purple-Planet Music

Guest's resources:

WEBSITE:   https://www.catemontana.com

BLOG:    https://cmontana.substack.com

BOOK:  Cracking The Matrix

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