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This show is truly for the Mind, Body and Soul. An engaging, thought-provoking and inspiring podcast in a true style of uncommon conversations. A deep-dive into the nature of Reality, Consciousness and the Cosmos with practical tips on how we can tap into our unlimited potential as a human being and a soul.

This podcast is bold and unexpected, with paradigm shifting narratives testing the status quo. The Host doesn’t shy away from controversial topics and challenging questions, as she ventures into deep rabbit holes and out on a limb as far as she can. A kind of investigative journalism that will keep you engaged and wanting more!

Whether you are listening to this podcast while driving or commuting, doing chores around the house, relaxing on a couch or flying in a spaceship across the galaxy - enjoy and please share!

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A recent interview with my returning guest Cate Montana is yet another smashing conversation and a profound commentary on what’s real and what’s not. [May 1,2024]

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Anna Anderson

Podcast Creator 

Producer - Host - Postproduction

Personal & spiritual development has always been the key focus of my life. With unstoppable curiosity since my early childhood I have made it my life's quest to find out how Life really works. An early Indigo child, born to a psychic lineage of European gypsies, I've always had strong connection with the Spirit and a highly developed 6th sense.

My academic background in Communication and Media Production together with my professional coaching & counselling and energy healing training, allowed me to  set up a Personal Transformation and Healing practice I called Quantum Living® that offers unique services and programs at the intersection of science & spirituality.

This podcast is an important part of my spiritual work to raise the frequency of our consciousness and our planet. Thank you for listening!

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