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An engaging, thought-provoking and inspiring podcast in a true style of uncommon conversations. 
A deep-dive into the nature of reality, consciousness and the cosmos with practical tips on how to tap into our unlimited potential as a human being and a soul.


Latest Episodes

S6 E13 Animal Communication
July 09, 2024x
01:13:2672.07 MB

S6 E13 Animal Communication

If you love animals – and who doesn’t? - please join me in this special ...

S6 E12: Protecting Your Biofield
June 29, 2024x
00:21:5923.05 MB

S6 E12: Protecting Your Biofield

In this exclusive solo episode, I talk about an important yet often negl...

S6 E11: Decoding Tarot
May 30, 2024x
01:00:5260.18 MB

S6 E11: Decoding Tarot

This episode is a treat for everyone – professional Tarot readers, those...

S6 E10: The Science of Intuition
May 15, 2024x
00:57:0755.48 MB

S6 E10: The Science of Intuition

Please join me and my special guest Dr. Arnaud Delorme , a neuroscientis...

S6 E9: The Hall of Mirrors
May 01, 2024x
01:00:2557.75 MB

S6 E9: The Hall of Mirrors

Have you ever felt that you are losing your grip on reality, as everythi...

S6 E8: We Are Avatars
April 19, 2024x
00:16:1417.64 MB

S6 E8: We Are Avatars

I n this podcast I will take you on a journey of discovery unveiling the...

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Decoding the Mandela Effect
Guest:  Cynthia Sue Larson

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