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An engaging, thought-provoking and inspiring podcast in a true style of uncommon conversations.
A deep-dive into the nature of reality, consciousness and the cosmos with practical tips on how to tap into our unlimited potential as a human being and a soul.


Latest Episodes

S6 E7: Healing Emotional Wounds
April 04, 2024x
00:21:0622.28 MB

S6 E7: Healing Emotional Wounds

In this episode, I will take you on a multi-dimensional journey into you...

S6 E6: Have You Configured Your Life?
March 21, 202400:12:1214.18 MB

S6 E6: Have You Configured Your Life?

The Universe gives us many clues in our daily life about the essence of ...

S6 E5: Inspirational Meditations
March 14, 2024x
00:30:1330.61 MB

S6 E5: Inspirational Meditations

This podcast is a bit different- it's not a guest interview, not even th...

S6 E4: A New Science of the Afterlife
March 06, 2024x
01:04:3063.56 MB

S6 E4: A New Science of the Afterlife

Fasten your seatbelts, folks. If you think you’ve heard it all a...

S6 E3: Stress-The Final Frontier
February 29, 2024x
00:16:2918.03 MB

S6 E3: Stress-The Final Frontier

Stress is truly the final frontier of our health and wellbeing. In thi...

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    We Are Avatars - with Anna Anderson

    The Hall of Mirrors - with Cate Montana

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    The views and opinions expressed on this Podcast are based on my guests' and my own knowledge, beliefs, expertise, insight and experience, unless they explicitly reference or quote any external resources. As the Podcast Producer, I make no claims whatsoever about the properties, effects or effectiveness of any process, steps, strategy or technique discussed on this show, or the validity of the facts presented here. Please take from this Podcast only what resonates with you, and always discuss with your healthcare practitioner any and all advice regarding the physical and mental wellbeing you hear on this Show.