S6 E10: The Science of Intuition

S6 E10: The Science of Intuition

Please join me and my special guest Dr. Arnaud Delorme, a neuroscientist at IONS, as we explore The Science of Intuition – a tricky and illusive topic with many twists and turns.

In this uncommon conversation, you will hear about:

  • What is intuition and where it comes from
  • The different types of intuition
  • Scientific methods of studying intuition
  • Meditation as a door to receiving intuition
  • Why mediumship is a key subject in scientific research into the validity of psychic information received from The Other Side
  • What is a Wondering Mind and how it links to intuition

And more!

I also share my amazing personal psychic experience I had in Paris many years ago, which validates my theory that a heightened state of mind can also open the door to our 6th sense, so that we can receive the information we need from the Quantum Field.

Enjoy and please share! :-)

Music: Purple-Planet Music

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