BONUS: Reaching Out to The Other Side (P2)

BONUS: Reaching Out to The Other Side (P2)

Today’s episode is one of the 9 weekly BONUS episodes I am releasing during this Festive Season 2022/23 in addition to the regular episodes coming out every second Wednesday.

These bonus episodes were first published on my podcast few years ago, and later on, at some point they were removed from the RSS feed as the production was somewhat outdated.

I have now decided to bring them back for you, refreshed and remastered in line with my current production framework.

So sit back and enjoy these riveting, timeless conversations, and if you like – please drop me a line on my podcast website about your experience!


Are you curious about The Other Side? In this fun and informative podcast you can sample a smorgasbord of the psychic, weird and paranormal…Spirit possession, haunted houses, spirit communication…

Find out if it’s safe to have a Ouija board séance; how to protect yourself from negative entities and how to develop your mediumship skills.

Join me in this amazing interview with a psychic medium Shauna Domalain as we talk about what happens when we die; the overwhelming evidence of the Afterlife; and what took place at her Halloween Séance party that shook her to the core!

This podcast is released in two parts. This is Part 2. For continuity please listen to Part 1 first.

Enjoy and please share!

Music: Purple Planet Music

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