BONUS: The Power of Blessing (P1)
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BONUS: The Power of Blessing (P1)

Today’s episode is one of the 9 weekly BONUS episodes I am releasing during this Festive Season 2022/23 in addition to the regular episodes coming out every second Wednesday.

These bonus episodes were first published on my podcast few years ago, and later on, at some point they were removed from the RSS feed as the production was somewhat outdated.

I have now decided to bring them back for you, refreshed and remastered in line with my current production framework to the extent possible.

So sit back and enjoy these riveting, timeless conversations, and if you like – please drop me a line on my podcast website about your experience!


When someone sneezes, you may instinctively say: "bless you!" - but did you know how powerful is the blessing you give to another person or to yourself? In this 2-part special episode we explore the oldest spiritual tradition known to humankind.

What is blessing? What powers does it have? Is blessing reserved to priests only or can anyone use this secret and sacred power to raise the energy vibration of a person, situation, and the world?

From the Quantum Living's point of view, it is sending positive energy with positive intention, which is spiritual in nature, and that's what makes it particularly effective and powerful.

Listen to some amazing stories of mystical experiences by someone who's been practicing, teaching, promoting and writing about blessings for decades, and so is clearly an expert on this subject matter.

It is a profound and humbling conversation, showing you the parts of yourself you may not have looked into for a long time...

This episode is produced in two parts - this is Part 1. Please continue to Part 2.

Enjoy and please share!

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