S2 E3: Energy Medicine for the Mind, Body & Spirit
Quantum LivingAugust 11, 2021x
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S2 E3: Energy Medicine for the Mind, Body & Spirit

This episode can change your life – you don’t wanna miss it!

In this empowering and super-charged interview with my special guest Nicola Barnett, we dive into the quantum world of energy medicine pioneered by Donna Eden; The Emotion Code; The Law of Reflection; and the benefits and dangers of the Ayahuaska ceremony.

You will learn about the key energy systems supporting our physical body; the importance of the Shadow Work as a precursor to The Law of Attraction; how emotions can be inherited throughout generations and how to release them; how the integrity of our biofield is the most critical protection against the external pathogens and negative energies.

You will also learn two simple yet powerful and scientifically proven techniques for stress release.

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Music: purple-planet.com

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