S3 E11: The Akashic Records of Soul Journeys
Quantum Living®April 05, 2022x
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S3 E11: The Akashic Records of Soul Journeys

You may be familiar with the concept of the Akashic Records - a Universal Library of every soul's journey; yet this conversation will open your eyes to some aspects of the Akashic Records you have not heard before.

In this fun and surprising episode, I chat with my special guest, Julia Wesley, about her work in this field, as we explore and unravel the key mysteries of this mystical library. If you thought that your naughty thoughts and behaviour are gone and forgotten - think again! EVERYTHING is recorded in the book of your soul's journey - good, bad and indifferent.

What are the Akashic Records and where did this concept come from? What is its purpose? Can we access our own and other people's Akashic Records? Is our future already recorded and set in stone or is it being written as we unfold our destiny? These are some of the questions Julia has answered for us.

We are also chatting about the paradox of time existing only NOW and its relationship with karma, free will and destiny; why we should honour the soul's decision to end its incarnation at its chosen time; accessing the Akashic Records to heal - and so much more!

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Music: purple-planet.com