S3 E12: Journey of The Heart

S3 E12: Journey of The Heart

Join me for this inspirational conversation with my special guest Darren Marc as we talk about Journey of the Heart – which is the title of his recent book and so much more!

Darren shares with us his spiritual journey from meditation, Yoga and Reiki to channelling when he started receiving downloads of insightful messages from his Spirit Guides.

Those messages became a book:

Journey of The Heart: Awakening to Love | Channeling The Teachers of The Light

Who are The Teachers of The Light?  What is their prophecy? Is suffering necessary for our soul evolution?  Why meditation is the universal vehicle for raising our frequency? 

These are some of the questions addressed in his book you will hear the answers to, as well as some important insights about relationships and the key principles of manifesting what we want.

Enjoy and please share!

Music: purple-planet.com

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