S3 E13: The Science & Spirit of Astrology
Quantum LivingApril 26, 2022x
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S3 E13: The Science & Spirit of Astrology

Do you read your weekly or monthly horoscope? Do you think of astrology as metaphysical science or a curious entertainment game that will impress your friends at a party?

Whatever is your interest in astrology - or shall I say, your curiosity about its true nature – you will love this uncommon conversation with my special guest Jazmin Kylene about the science and spirit of astrology.

We take a closer look at the origins of astrology, its architecture and the key movers and shakers of the energetic influence of the skies we are all subjected to – whether we like it or not. We chat about the value of having your astrological birth chart drawn up and the purpose of some other types of charts that can be very useful, too.

You will learn whether we are influenced by the planets in other solar systems and other galaxies, what is the meaning of the North and South Nodes and what happens when you have NO planets in a particular House (OMG!).

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