S3 E6: The Mystery of Ayahuasca
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S3 E6: The Mystery of Ayahuasca

Have you heard of Ayahuasca, a psychedelic plant brew from the Amazon jungle?  Join me in this amazing conversation with my special guest Roma Libre who spent years in the Peruvian Amazon with the Shipibo Tribe taking part in several Ayahuasca ceremonies.

In this unique interview, Roma is sharing with us her first hand knowledge and experience of plant medicine, and explains what is Ayahuasca and how it works, and the blessings and challenges of the Plant Dieta, describing in detail their ceremony and the process.

As we dive into the spiritual side of things, you will find out whether plants have consciousness and feelings;  how the shamans (Healers) channel the Spirit with sound to induce the healing; and why you could meet an alien being greeting you at the gates to another dimension during your Ayahuasca experience.

We are also getting down to basics, addressing the dangers and ethics of the rapidly growing popularity of the “Ayahuasca experience” in the western world. While it can be extraordinarily transformational and even life saving, it is definitely not for everyone and should not be engaged in without the proper scrutiny and necessary precautions.

Over one hour and 20 minutes of our conversation you will hear all this and so much more...

Enjoy and please share!

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