S3 E9: Near Death Experience - A Karmic Reset
Quantum LivingMarch 22, 2022x
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S3 E9: Near Death Experience - A Karmic Reset

Unexpected. Mesmerising. Powerful. Profound.

My interview with the survivor of not one, not two but three near death experiences (NDEs) Robert Kopecky has quickly turned into a deep philosophical discussion about life and death, the purpose of living, the purpose of dying and the purpose of NDE.

Each of his three NEDs was very different, and together they gave Robert a gift of profound spiritual awakening and a glimpse into this mysterious “spiritual technology” (as he calls it) that we are an integral part of as we move from one dimensional experience to another and never really die.

Robert shares with us his profound, spiritual and life changing lessons of Perspective, Presence and Purpose; explains why NDE inevitably serves as a karmic reset as once the gene is out you can never put it back into the bottle; and talks about the six Rungs of the Ladder to Heaven we can climb right here and now on Earth to get to Heaven long before dying.

His take on the well known concept of what Life is really about is unique and surprising, from an angle I'm sure you haven't thought about (neither did I).

Following his NDEs, Robert has written two amazing books: “How to Survive Life and Death” and “How to Get to Heaven Without Really Dying” which I put in the category of “Must Read”.  The links are in the show notes.

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