S4 E10: Reclaiming Wellness with Ancient Wisdom

S4 E10: Reclaiming Wellness with Ancient Wisdom

Whether you are now approaching Winter or Summer, the seasonal transition period is a perfect time for some Spring or Autumn body cleansing!

Please join me in this lovely, informative and inspiring conversation with Jovanka Ciares – an expert in wellness and nutrition, who combines the ancient wisdom and health practices with a modern take, offering a truly holistic approach to reclaiming wellness.

You will learn the difference between food and nutrition; how to avoid your body’s smackdown; about the benefits and importance of the plant-based diet; why you should not eat spinach every day; what are the physiological and psychological causes for being overweight; and the hot tips for addressing the three key issues most people are struggling with in these challenging times: weight management, stress and boosting immunity.

Jovanka is a fountain of knowledge, energy and fun – so sit back, relax and make sure to take notes!

Enjoy and please share!

Music: purple-planet.com

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