S4 E11: Quantum Healing with Past Life Regression

S4 E11: Quantum Healing with Past Life Regression

Have you ever felt that you have been here before, perhaps in another country on another continent? Do you have strange dreams about other worlds and realities? Do you have skills or artistic talents you were never taught, and yet they feel so natural as if you were born with them? You are not alone.

You may find the answers you are seeking in this fascinating, uncommon conversation with my special guest Dr Linda Backman, a psychologist who trained and worked with Dr Michael Newton on researching the mystical and intriguing subject of soul journeys.

Dr Backman is an Insider of sorts; someone who has witnessed countless memories of past lives and lives in between incarnations recounted by her clients under hypnosis - a unique portal to our unconscious mind and our soul.

With no boundaries and out on a limb, we talk about   

  • The soul types by origin – the earth, interplanetary and angelic souls    
  • Soul journey and evolution
  • How many Gods are in The Creation- one or more?
  • How the information and insight about our past lives can help us on our journey in this lifetime
  • What are the clues of our past life influences, such as déjà vu experiences
  • An intriguing spiritual revelation about the President of the Ukraine
  • How to reconcile the concepts of free will, karma, dharma and destiny  (yes, you can, as the are not mutually exclusive!)
  • how to resolve our past life karma in relationships
  • past, future and concurrent lives
  • the gift of choice and our responsibility to exercise it by taking charge of our life

Enjoy and please share!

Music: purple-planet.com


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