S4 E13: The Extraterrestrial Presence: A New Paradigm for Humanity
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S4 E13: The Extraterrestrial Presence: A New Paradigm for Humanity

This podcast could be the most important 85 minutes of your life.

Riveting. Eye-opening. Paradigm shifting. Grounded. Honest. Raw. Unplugged. Answering many unanswered questions about the UFO and ET phenomena, breaking through the stale narrative with a fresh eye and the documented facts. A must-listen if you want to know the truth.  

Please join me in this very uncommon conversation with my special guest Paola Harris, a well-known UFO researcher and investigative journalist, as we talk about:

  • The little-known UFO crash in New Mexico USA in 1945 (two years before Roswell) with the eyewitnesses still living today
  • The artifacts and material taken from that crash site currently being examined by independent scientists, after years of being kept in a vault
  • Are nuclear tests being carried out on the Moon?
  • A disconnect amongst the UFO community – is there a hidden agenda?
  • Do ETs live amongst us (yes, they do) and how to spot them
  • Telepathy as the common language across the universes and dimensions. No Babel translators required!
  • Consciousness and the power of thought
  • The messages and agendas behind the Hollywood UFOs/ETs movies
  • Are we ready for The Disclosure?
  • The secret agenda of the powers that be against The Disclosure   
  • The ETs message for the human race – what we must do in order to be allowed a full and open engagement with other civilizations in the cosmos

 And much more!

Enjoy and please share!

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Trinity – The Best Kept Secret

The following books can be purchased HERE

Conversations With Colonel Corso: A Personal Memoir and Photo Album
UFOs: All the Above…and Beyond (2017)
UFOs: How Does One Speak to A Ball of Light?  (revised edition 2012)
Exopolitics: Stargate To A New Reality  (2011)
Exopolitics: All of the Above ( 2009)
Connecting the Dots… Making Sense of the UFO Phenomenon  (2008)

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