S4 E18: The Secrets of Remote Viewing

S4 E18: The Secrets of Remote Viewing

Another amazing episode you will want to listen more than once. Engaging, mind opening, educational, at times surprising…

Our quantum journey into the unknown at the intersection of science and spirituality continues. This time, I’m exploring the curious phenomenon of Remove Viewing with my very special guest Stephan A. Schwartz, a renowned expert in this field.

What is remote viewing? How does it work?  Can we view the past, present and future? Other planets? Parallel timelines and universes? How far into the future can we remote view? What is time?

The key takeaways include:

- What is the key ingredient and requirement for remote viewing

- What is consciousness (do we know?)

We explore the topics of space-time of reality; the non-local nature of consciousness; meditation; reincarnation, and so, so much more.

This episode will leave you with a clear understanding of remote viewing, the nature of consciousness and more!

Enjoy and please share!

Music: Purple-Planet Music

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