S4 E2: A Matter of Time

S4 E2: A Matter of Time

In this episode I'm exploring TIME - one of the least understood and most mysterious aspects of our reality, which we are usually taking for granted.  It invites us right into the point where science meets spirituality, teaching us so many lessons at so many levels.

We don't really know what TIME is, yet we cannot live without it. It affects every aspect of our life, it is everywhere: in the past, present and future, and yet it is only here and NOW. The paradox of TIME is that it does and does not exist at the same time. A typical quantum phenomenon :-)

Is time an illusion? Can we manipulate time? What do we do with it? Can we time travel? 

Find the answers to these and many other questions about TIME you may have never thought about, and enjoy some brain twisting concepts and activities. Find out how I CAN speak to you from the future! No kidding! Some of the questions I raised remain unanswered to stimulate your imagination :-)

This episode includes my model of the life cycles: The Four Seasons of Life. You can see a diagram of this model in the show notes on my website. Which season are you currently in?

Enjoy and please share!

Music: purple-planet.com

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