S4 E8: Quantum Healing With Biofield Tuning

S4 E8: Quantum Healing With Biofield Tuning

Fascinating. Inspiring. Profound. Educational. Surprising. Engaging. Fun.

Tune in (pun intended) to this amazing conversation with my special guest – Eileen Day McKusick – a pioneer and expert in vibrational therapy and sound healing: A true quantum healing of the human biofield across time and dimensions.

In this amazing interview we explore the essence, science, practicalities and spirituality of the BIOFIELD TUNING, its mind-blowing benefits and stunning outcomes, diving into its several dimensions, which include:

  • What is biofield tuning and how it works
  • How a tuning fork can manipulate and repair the electrical system of the human biofield with resonance and entrainment
  • What messages and insight are downloaded from the Quantum Field during a biofield tuning session
  • How the molecules of emotion trapped in our biofield affect our physical health

And so much more!

This episode includes a LIVE DEMO of Eileen’s tuning forks with their sound and vibration being actually felt in the body across the Quantum Field which you can experience yourself.

Enjoy and please share!

Music: purple-planet.com

Store: www.biofieldtuningstore.com

Video: What is Biofield Tuning?


Tuning the Human Biofield

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