S5 E1: The Game of Life
Quantum LivingJuly 26, 2023x
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S5 E1: The Game of Life

Is Life a Game? If so, how can we learn how to play it when some rules of the game keep changing and others are paradoxes?

I’m opening the new Season 5 of my podcast with the broadest and highest perspective of my continuing exploration of How Life Really Works, investigating the concept of the forces of life we know and those we don’t know – which is really a question of How much don't we know, anyway? -and the key paradoxes we are dealing with trying to navigate The Game of Life which of course, we want to win.

So please join me in this inaugural episode with my own reflections and an enlightening conversation with my special guest Maren Muter, to learn about:

  • How a table game with the rolling dice is a perfect metaphor for the nature of Life
  • How to resolve the Paradox of Wanting and Letting Go (at the same time) in the manifestation process, with yet another great metaphor of water; and how we can learn this process
  • A potential explanation resolving the Paradox of Free Will and Destiny
  • The concept of Parallel Lives you have never heard before
  • A peculiar, mind-twisting characteristic of our 3D reality

Enjoy and please share :-)

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