S5 E18: The Quantum Age
Quantum LivingNovember 29, 2023x
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S5 E18: The Quantum Age

Profound. Engaging. Surprising. Mind stretching and fun!

Make yourself comfy and fasten your seatbelt as we will dive with my returning guest Cynthia Sue Larson into some pretty deep rabbit holes and venture out on a limb to some dizzying heights!

Key talking points:

  • The nature and implications of The Quantum Age
  • The new logic and ways of thinking required to understand and engage with quantum reality
  • The benefits and dangers of the Quantum Age
  • Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) become sentient? (the answer will shock you!)
  • The key principles of quantum reality
  • Parallel worlds and alternative realities
  • Quantum Jumps
  • What is retro-causality and how we can utilise it
  • What comes next after The Quantum Age

And much more!

Enjoy and please share :-)

Music: Purple-Planet Music

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