S5 E3: The Inner Sanctuary
Quantum LivingAugust 24, 2023x
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S5 E3: The Inner Sanctuary

If you ever feel like being trapped in quicksand or in the water with no escape, overcome by the storms of your life– you will LOVE my conversation with the returning guest Maren Muter on how we can move to the eye of the storm, a place I call The Inner Sanctuary.

The day before the recording, Maren had an unexpected traumatic experience which perfectly illustrates what we are talking about. Coincidence?.....No such thing. And yes, she has shared it with us so you will hear all about it.

Inspirational, Calming, Touching and Profound. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • How we can receive spiritual guidance in the centre of a storm
  • Simple yet powerful strategies we can use to strengthen our resilience in the face adversity
  • An ethereal concept of relevance
  • A unique perspective on the nature of our consciousness, quantum jumps and how much control we have in our life

You will also hear a beautiful, inspirational poem.

Order Maren's book "Your Quantum Brain: A Life to Savor" on Amazon

Music: Purple-Planet Music

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