S5 E4: Guidance From The Other Side
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S5 E4: Guidance From The Other Side

Spirit communication is a timeless topic; alluring and intriguing with its mystery we are seeking to unravel.

Please join me in this enchanted conversation with my returning Guest, Mark Anthony, JD, a world renown psychic medium, as we explore the science and spirituality of the Guidance from The Other Side.

It is enticing and entertaining, with important explanations and profound insights into the life and death (literally) and the nature of our soul journey.

In my intro, I explain grief as the pain of separation and why we crave the physical connection with our loved ones.

Some of the key topics you will find in this episode:

  • spirit communication as a two-way street
  • the purpose of spirit communication
  • the meaning of "you wouldn't understand" in response to our questions about The Afterlife
  • messages of love, healing, resolution and protection
  • spirit visitations and messages in a dream
  • a useful technique to recall important dreams and dissolve recurring nightmares
  • can the Spirit lie or have a sinister agenda
  • not-so-distant future technologies that will facilitate spirit communication

Enjoy and please share :-)

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