S5 E7: Heavenly Relationships

S5 E7: Heavenly Relationships

Educational, inspirational, profound and fun!

This could be one of the most important podcasts you have listened to for a long time; it is multidimensional and rich, so you may want to listen to it more than once.

Heavenly Relationships is yet another uncommon conversation with my wonderful returning guest Dijana Dawe where we explore the everlasting topic of relationships from other than the usual perspectives. And yes, even the title has a double meaning :-)

Before chatting with Dijana about how evolutionary astrology can help us understand and navigate our relationships, in the extended introduction I speak about relationships from the quantum coaching and intuitive angle based on my own professional experience. So, overall, this podcast is truly wholesome and offers a lot of food for thought!

Some of the key takeaways:

  • The 7 Golden Rules for a healthy relationship
  • The purpose of our relationships with others, whether they come into our life for a moment, for a day or forever, and how they help us in our personal growth
  • How to recognise karmic relationships
  • How astrology (the heavens) can help us understand and navigate our relationship
  • The key elements in the birth chart revealing the story of our relationships
  • How to create “heavenly” relationships and whether we actually want them to be perfect (a great metaphor of a climbing wall perfectly illustrates this point)
  • Is marriage an outdated (and a very expensive) concept

and more!

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