S5 E9: Multi-Dimensional Self

S5 E9: Multi-Dimensional Self

Have you ever felt that there is much more to you than meets the eye? And it’s not about your thinking mind full of great ideas, or your hidden skills and talents, or your kind heart.

Are you aware that you are a multi-dimensional being with your consciousness able to access other planes of existence?

There is much more to this podcast than meets the eye – or the ear, in this case – so make sure you have one hour, uninterrupted, to listen to this riveting, profound, eye opening, fun and shocking (all at the same time!) conversation with my returning guest Kaedrich Olsen about the Multi-Dimensional Self.

Key talking points:

  • The nature of spiritual growth
  • The concept of Multidimensional Self
  • Intuition as a key tool of Transcendence
  • Whats is etheriality
  • Are angels the thoughtforms created by us?
  • An elegant concept of multiple gods
  • A paradox of omnipresence and nonexistence
  • The Shadow Matrix

and more!

Enjoy and please share :-)

Music: Purple-Planet Music

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Multidimensional Self Part 1: https://www.kaedrich.com/mdself

Parts 2 & 3: https://kaedrich.teachable.com/p/unlocking-your-multidimensional-self

Paranormal Arts School: https://kaedrich.teachable.com/

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