S5 E19: The Healer Within
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S5 E19: The Healer Within

If you want to learn some pretty amazing and important stuff about our true healing powers with lots of good humour, quick wits and laughter, this podcast is just what the doctor’s ordered: inspiring, uplifting, mind opening and fun!

I have invited my special guest Wendie Colter (whom I LOVE chatting with, as you can tell :-) back to my show to talk about healing, taking our previous conversation in Season 4 (Medical Intuition: A New Paradigm for Healthcare) to a whole new level.

We ventured way out on a limb into the uncharted territory of what’s possible in the quantum field, with real life stories and our pondering on what comes next.

Key talking points:

  • The difference between energy healing and medical intuition
  • We are all connected at the energy level and come from one Source
  • The role of our emotions, thoughts and intentions on our physical body
  • The amazing power of meditation and visualisation in self-healing
  • A critical missing piece in healthcare when dealing with trauma
  • Retro-causality in the physical and spiritual healing with DNA and past lives
  • A simple yet powerful technique to connect with our body to get the information we need

And much more!

Enjoy and please share!

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